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Welcome to Söesauna Holiday Center!

It is not a secret that the best way to restore your health and energy is to rest in the vital world of nature. The freshness of spring water, the smell of forest, the scent of summer grass and flowers, the silence and peace will heal any sickness and spiritual weariness.

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We are happy to welcome you to our cozy rural tourism center where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with our friendly hosts. Söesauna toursim center is situated in the midst of dozens of lake reservoirs and rich forests. It is the world of Northern tundra with low pine trees and swamps, where in different seasons you can find yourself discovering the gifts of nature - there are a lot of cranberries and cloud-berries,flowers and mushrooms. You will find yourself surrounded by such wonderful colours and scents it will simply take your breath away! And it’s not only the scents you can enjoy - in the summer and autumn the forest has it all: different berries, flowers, herbs, mushrooms and even forest nuts.

To improve your health and just to have a rest we can offer you different choices of activity such as fishing, walking, cycling, playing with the ball on the grass or in the water, swimming, tours to the lake across the swamp through boarded pathway. You can attend lessons on how to make a special hat for sauna. You can spend your time sitting by the fire, swinging with the big national swing or jumping on the trampoline. You can cook your own food by roasting meat, making barbecue or grill. You can also make smoked fish.

We can offer you different cuisine choices – Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian or Estonian. No one will be hungry!

It is healthy to take a time out in a new and very popular barrel sauna and after that refresh yourself by jumping into the cool pond. We also have so-called “alive” beer which is freshly brewed and tastes great after the sauna or any other time.

For those who are interested we have laver with cold and warm water.

It is also necessary to mention that we can organize birthday parties for children or any other kind of party. We can offer you a place for different seminars and lectures. They can be held both indoors and outdoors.

There's no need to prove that relaxation is a pledge of prosperity as well as a long and successful life.

Make your life longer – have a rest!