Relax in the forest with Soesauna Talu


Welcome to Soesauna Farm!

It’s no secret that the best way to restore vitality is the world of wildlife. The freshness of spring water, the fragrance of flax herbs and flowers, peace and quiet will heal any weakness and spiritual fatigue.

Tourist farm “SOESAUNA” offers you to visit this wonderful world of nature. The farm is located in such a way that there are dozens of protected lakes and rich storeroom forests in the vicinity. This is the world of the Northern tundra with low-growing coniferous trees, where, depending on the season, cranberries and cloudberries decorate the swamps in bulk, amazing colors and aromas of wild berries, flowers and mushrooms take your breath away. And you can enjoy not only smells – in summer and autumn the forest is full of various berries, flowers, herbs, mushrooms and even hazelnuts.

For recovery and just relaxation, we offer you various activities and pastimes: fishing, walking or cycling, ball games on the shore or in the water, swimming, excursion along the boardwalk through the swamp to the healing lake. You can attend classes on making special bath hats. You can spend your time sitting by the fire, swinging on the swings, preparing shish kebab, grill or barbeque.

We have a variety of cuisines to choose from – Russian, Estonian, Georgian, Ukrainian. Can also taste smoked fish.

It is so wonderful to take a steam bath in the new and very famous barrel sauna, and then refresh yourself by diving into a cool pond. You can taste the so-called. “live beer”, which is very good both after the sauna and at any other time.

We also offer fonts with cold and warm water; our phyto sauna with healing herbs will return your youth and beauty to you. We also hold children’s birthdays and other holidays. We offer a place for seminars and training. Seminars can be used both in kindergarten and in the fresh air, in nature – to the singing of birds and the sounds of wildlife.

There is no need to prove that rest is the key to prosperity and a long fruitful life. Extend your life – relax!